A very Mexican destination.

Considered by many as the most Mexican beach destination, Puerto Vallarta honors this distinction through multiple details for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

And is that Puerto Vallarta is much more than sun, sand and ocean; Is an interesting mix of a picturesque village and modern city. Its streets with a rustic touch blend perfectly with the houses of old architecture and its striking red roofs. But, in addition to this, you can breathe, smell and live Mexico in infallible elements such as mariachi music, dances of folk groups, the presence of charros and of course, the typical gastronomy of our country.

During September, when we celebrate Mexico, Puerto Vallarta wears this tradition with the most important features of national identity. During the main days of the celebration, the charros go out to parade through the streets of down town, showing off their best clothes and making demonstrations of rope tricks, always accompanied by the beautiful charrogirls. Meanwhile, the evening of September 15th is filled with music, dance and typical games; The families take to the streets among the adornments that dress them in green, white and red, while the scents of the Mexican antojitos fill every corner to provide that exquisite aroma that only the connoisseurs know how to appreciate. Multicolored lights rise to the sky at night, while multiple throats unite in a single voice to the cry of Viva Mexico! In an authentic popular festival.

A Mexican party cannot be complete without the presence of his majesty “El Taco”, which is why in September the traditional Taco Party is held in the Romantic Zone of the city.

This is how Mexico is lived and celebrated in the most Mexican of all beach destinations: Puerto Vallarta.


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