One of the ecotourism activities that is becoming increasingly important in Puerto Vallarta is bird watchin without a doubt, this due the fact that this region is rich in biodiversity. Currently, around 350 species have been registered in the area, including land, water and migratory birds. A good number of these species live throughout the year in the area, while others are endemic, so they are not found anywhere else in the world. This guarantees that, at the moment you decide to perform this incredible activity, you can do it successfully.

Going out in search of birds is not a simple walk, but an experience that involves most of the senses to discover a whole world of sounds, shapes and colors. In addition to the knowledge that is acquired, it is inevitable to experience that feeling of adventure when you establish full contact with nature, something that will be very satisfactory.

One of the most emblematic places for bird watching is Los Arcos de Mismaloya, where you will witness the flight of white herons, pelicans, sea gulls and magnificent frigates. Without being left behind, Islas Marietas offers an excellent option to observe, in addition, the beautiful blue footed booby bird, which only inhabits some areas of the American Pacific.

If you prefer the mountains, the adventure is just as exciting. There you can immediately identify the military green macaw, a species that attracts attention because of its beautiful colors but unfortunately is in danger of extinction. Hummingbirds, carpenters, hawks and countless birds await you.

The best time to observe birds is in the morning; the earlier, the better. Come with the experts to have an unforgettable bird watching experience. Do not forget your binoculars and your camera!


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