One of the most amazing activities that happen every year in Banderas Bay is about to happen. It is nothing less than the humpback whale sighting, an incredible spectacle that everyone must experience and that will be available, for those who want it, from December 8 to March 23 of next year.

But what is so special about watching humpback whales? The answer is very simple. Imagine navigating the calm waters of Banderas Bay in a comfortable boat, with qualified guides and with these majestic mammals weighing up to 30 tons jumping over the ocean, performing pirouettes and fluttering before your eyes. And no, it’s not a fiction movie. It is rather, a gift that nature gives us each winter.

These marine giants travel thousands of kilometers from the cold waters of the north to reach Banderas Bay. This long journey has as main objective to reproduce and perpetuate its species. As with virtually all animal species, including humans, males “fight” with each other to get the attention of females. One of the most spectacular ways to get their attention is to jump or perform pirouettes, although it is not the only one. However, we are the ones who appreciate it, because they are images worth remembering.

There are multiple options for whale watching in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit . The most important thing is to enjoy them responsibly and with a tour operator that respects the federal laws that protect them.

Get your camera ready and dare to experience this incredible activity!

Did you know?
The humpback whales give birth in our bay, so the calves could be considered as Vallarta natives. Or, rather, Banderas Bay Natives.