Puerto Vallarta is a paradise of beach and mountain that everyone can enjoy, but a very special part of this world is located in an area that not everyone can see. Explore Puerto Vallarta’s under water and be ready to dicover something new every day. CONTACT US for the best scuba diving experience in town!

El mar es vida… y el mar es fiesta también! Tomamos cada oportunidad para disfrutar de la vida, la nauraleza y el viento. Velear te ofrecerá todo eso en compañia de tus seres queridos. Ya sea con família o amigos, esta será una experiencia inolvidable.

That is the way out from the docks in Puerto Vallarta, does not happen all the time, but once in a while we can experience the feeling of navigating next to this titans in of the ocean. Contact us!

It is not a an everyday kind of activity, but al least once a year you should reserve a special week to be spent with friends, away from home and in a setting that will recharge you for the rest of the year. Welcome to Puerto Vallarta! A place that offers you the best water

We live in Puerto Vallarta and we enjoy its beauty in a daily basis, never gets old. Every single day, every single tour is different and special, loaded with good times and great views. You can’t miss this fantastic activity if you are in town. Contact us!

This is always an amazing adventure that you will never forget. Our staff is fully trained and licensed for this activity. Have you will never feel the same about sea life until you see a whale jumping next to you in its wild habitat. Contact us for more information!

Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination for many different activities, Sailing is one of the most exciting ones. Cruise Banderas Bay and enjoy a beautiful day with family and friends. Incredible views and amazing wild life awaits you.